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Role: Shock Responsiveness Study for Phase III of the ESSN for Refugees in Turkey (Consultancy)

Location: Turkey

Deadline: 30th of July, 2021


Across the full life cycle of the ESSN III Shock-responsiveness Study, the selected Service Provider(s) will be expected to submit the following outputs and deliverables in English:

  • ESSN III Shock Responsiveness Study Draft Inception report – discussion draft
  • ESSN III Shock Responsiveness Study Final Inception report, capturing the scope of work and methodology and updated following feedback on the draft Inception Report. The report will include information regarding:
  • Proposed study design and methodology for data collection and analysis.
  • Technical approach and tools that will be used, and why these are appropriate.
  • Detailed timeline and project/work plan supporting the achievement of project milestones and objectives, and any other key actions that the service provider should undertake.
  • Progress updates throughout the work.
  • Shock Responsiveness Study for ESSN III Final Report – Analysis, finding and recommendations/pathways for implementation. This will include the facilitation of a final (online) workshop with all key ESSN stakeholders where the results will be presented.
  • Slide decks and other materials as required in order to support the running of review and validation workshop with key stakeholders to enable finalising of all reports; sharing of draft versions of the report with relevant stakeholders, via the IFRC project focal point, for feedback before being finalised.
  • Regular reports and updates – written or oral, as required and requested – to the IFRC, in particular the project focal point, and final wrap-up of the project in an accountable and appropriate manner.

How to apply: To find out more about this position and to apply click here.

Role: Technical Cluster Lead, Cash and Voucher and Social Protection Expert (m/f/d)

Location: Berlin

Deadline: 6th August, 2021

Description: In the division “International Cooperation” and the department “Knowledge and Innovation” you will lead the Cash Team for GRC. You and your small technical cluster will primarily provide technical support to National Societies in their cash-based operations, strengthening strategic, technical and operational expertise, building on the host National Society capacities, enabling the transition and scale up from pre-disaster operations to emergency response. Where feasible, you will identify ways to connect humanitarian assistance with national social protection systems.


  • Ensure the provision of high quality technical and advisory services in Cash and Voucher-based Assistance to support response and resilience programmes in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Europe through the actions of our Red Cross and Red Crescent partners;
  • Provide guidance to your technical cluster (2 experts);
  • To support mainstreaming of cash-based assistance into National Societies through high quality field and GRC HQ-based work, working with National Societies to build up their expertise in cash delivery and cash readiness;
  • Operational field support and technical input at all stages (identification, evaluation, analysis, design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) in GRC CVA programmes, including training of staff and volunteers;
  • Support and advice for GRC and partners, staff and volunteers (face-to-face and remote);
  • Close coordination with technical colleagues within the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement and representation of GRC in CVA and Social protection related topics;
  • Strategic advice to Senior Management for the institutionalization of CVA;
  • Donor Communication in regard to CVA;
  • Ensuring a qualitative MEAL system;
  • Integration of new technology developments / initiatives and research (e.g. blockchain, peer-to-peer payments, digital identity management, etc.);
  • Your profile
  • Experience of supporting or implementing multi-sectoral and sectoral cash-based assistance and market-based interventions in relief and recovery contexts;
  • Experience of working with local partners, building their capacity in Information Management and data handling
  • Experience in Information Management and Data Management including collection, storing, processing, and analysing data to generate information products 
  • Experience with data collection tools such as ODK/Kobo 
  • Experience with integrated data management tools such Red Rose
  • Experience in handling Financial Service Provider contracts and MoUs
  • Demonstrated understanding of different data collection methodologies 
  • Ability to formulate IM-related technical requirements and Operating Procedures  •
  • Understanding of data protection and data responsibility in humanitarian action and ability to formulate data security technical requirements
  • Experience with handling confidential data

How to apply: To find out more about this position and how to apply click here.

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