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25 February 2019

[...] The promises of digital and biometric identification systems also provide opportunity to transform the work of aid agencies working with refugee and migrant communities. With the right systems in place, aid distribution can be streamlined, and made more transparent and effective. But such a profound transformation requires the co-operation of many actors, the right digital architecture, and investment in vast databases. There are several hurdles standing in the way of this utopian future, but that shouldn’t stop its development.

21 February 2019

We would like to invite private companies, social enterprises, and other institutions to engage in a dialogue process and discuss the problems related to identities we see in the humanitarian space, and to understand concrete ways on how they could be solved using available technologies and know-how.

05 December 2018

A webinar about the Cash Hub initiative with a special focus on the Cash Hub platform and the online forum for the cash community of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement took place on 4 December 2018. A recording is now available.

17 October 2018

Jo Burton, the ICRC's lead cash expert who's attending Cash Week, said: "There's a perception that in conflict, as opposed to disasters, that everything stops functioning – there's nobody on the street, there's no transport, no markets and no healthcare facilities. But that's just not the reality. These things can be disrupted, but life goes on and people find ways to adapt. [...]".

16 October 2018

After the earthquake, the generosity of the UK public toward the people of Nepal was inspiring. Read this British Red Cross blog to find out about the impact of cash grants in Nepal.

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