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11 September 2018

On 13th September 2018, the British Red Cross convened a Cash Conference on behalf of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, guided by the theme ‘Towards Transformation’. This report summarises the key themes that emerged on the day, with a view to further the global debate on the scale-up of humanitarian cash transfers. Read the summary report, executive summary and find the links to the recordings in this short article.

17 October 2018

Jo Burton, the ICRC's lead cash expert who's attending Cash Week, said: "There's a perception that in conflict, as opposed to disasters, that everything stops functioning – there's nobody on the street, there's no transport, no markets and no healthcare facilities. But that's just not the reality. These things can be disrupted, but life goes on and people find ways to adapt. [...]".

16 October 2018

After the earthquake, the generosity of the UK public toward the people of Nepal was inspiring. Read this British Red Cross blog to find out about the impact of cash grants in Nepal.

26 September 2018

"Giving cash through technology is a gamechanger for the way that humanitarian aid is delivered. We want to harness new technology in order to reach more people at scale and with greater effect, but we recognise that we need to work more in collaboration with local and national partners, and with financial service providers [...]."

10 September 2018

This week, on Thursday 13 September, the British Red Cross is convening a Cash Conference on behalf of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (RCRCM). This is an exciting time for the humanitarian sector and its partners as we consider the future role of cash in humanitarian aid.

30 August 2018

The growth in importance of cash based programming and the British Red Cross experience have highlighted the urgent need to develop senior level cash based programming expertise that goes way beyond awareness, sensitisation and basic proficiency.

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