RedRose Setup

RedRose Setup

This section of the RedRose toolkit is aimed at anyone who would like to understand what’s needed to set up the RedRose system.

The following are steps to take you from the initial decision to use RedRose to using it within your National Society. For each step, you see the key activities, deliverables (templates will be available), and stakeholders that may be involved.



Review cash process (SOP) with programme teams

Documentation of requirements or specifications

Agreement between stakeholders of requirements


Project costing

Allocating resources/teams, who’s involved

Agreeing on timeline/dates

Project milestones

Join global framework agreement, if bilateral or non-IFRC


Configure or customize RedRose

Install hardware & software

Test system functions as specified

Establish technical support


Develop training plan

Train end users

Provide reference materials on how to use RedRose (refresher or quick guide)


Monitor and complete the cash or in-kind programme using RedRose

Evaluate the use of RedRose after the programme is complete (lessons learned)

Deliverables (tools & templates used)

Requirements document (approved) including data management requirements

Sample SOP

Agreed project plan

Signed global framework agreement

Test or demo environment

User guide

Completed test scripts

Support structure

Training plan

Training materials

Tips on how to run RedRose training

Evaluation (Lessons learned)

Key Stakeholders involved

Cash focal point or DM coordinator

Programme representatives

Support services (e.g. finance, PMER, IM, IT)

NS RedRose focal point

Management team

RedRose technical team

NS RedRose focal point

RedRose technical team

NS RedRose focal point

Volunteers / staff end-users

RedRose technical team

NS RedRose focal point

PMER/Learning officer

RedRose technical team